Jim Andrews

There is not much to my story being you can read most of what went on in our family in my wife's story (Mary Andrews).  I remember back in 1989 when my wife expressed the need to have a support group for families of children with growth disorders, due to our son being diagnosed with growth hormone deficiency.  She was so frustrated with the lack of support and education available and wanted to be able to help families going through what she went through.


I worked at least 12 hours a day.  My wife was able to stay home and raise our children and therefore she was the one totally in charge of our son's (Deno) growth disorder.  I supported every decision she made for she was very involved in all the doctors visits and educating herself about our sons disorder.  I remember her asking if she could spend some money to start, incorporate and get non-profit status for an organization to help parents of children not growing normally.  She was extremely frustrated that she had to fight her primary doctors to listen to her concerns about our son's growth.  She was right all along.  There was a problem but why didn't the doctors diagnosis him sooner.


One of the most difficult times for me were when she would sit down and talk to me about moving forward.  She was overly concerned about how to grow this foundation, how to reach the families in need, how to create public awareness and so much more.  I had a lot of faith and trust in her and my only support was to encourage her that it will grow in the long run.


I remember her sitting on the floor hand folding brochures for it was more cost effective if she folded them.  I would find her working late hours into the night when she should have been sleeping.  She pushed harder than I every thought possible.  And, shame on me, but I NEVER gave a shot of growth hormone to my son.  There was no way I could do it and I applaud all the dads out there that have the courage to give injections to their kids.


I watched her turn into a business women from a stay-at-home mother.  She never took no for an answer and even though she may not have won every battle she never gave up. Her strength was impressive.  And the help she provided other families was remarkable!


I encourage you to read her story (if you have not already). Our son is living a normal life due to her perseverance.  And I know there are many children out there that have benefitted from the foundation.


I agreed to help support the start of MAGIC and would do it again in a heartbeat!


James (Jim) Andrews


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