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MAGIC Foundation for Children's Growth

MAGIC Foundation is the global leader in endocrine health, advocacy, education, and support. Children fail to grow for a variety of reasons. Hormones, genetics, sleep, nutrition, general health and exercise are all factors for normal growth. If you suspect that your child is not growing normally, you are in the right place! Click here to request help in finding a specialist

Endocrine Disorders

There are hundreds of medical conditions that can affect a child's growth. If you or your child has been diagnosed with a growth disorder, this is the perfect place to start. Read about different disorders and their treatment.

Is Your Child Growing?

If you suspect your child is not growing properly, you have come to the right place. Physical growth failure is often the first sign of an underlying medical condition. Read about how to properly measure your child.

Adult Disorders

Growth Hormone Deficiency in Adults can be an extremely difficult process to diagnose. Often symptoms build slowly as people age. Patients as well as physicians are challenged to try and sort out what is normal aging and...

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