RSS Growth Charts

Russell-Silver / Small for Gestational Age Growth Curves

Plotting tools on the Russell-Silver Syndrome Growth Charts are based on the Center for Disease Control federally authorized growth charts designed by Ernest M. Post, M.D. Russell-Silver Syndrome stature curves were added by MAGIC and are an approximation based on data from the Wollman et al study "Growth & Symptoms in S-RS: A Review of the Basis of 386 Patients", Euro.Jrl of Pediatrics, 1985. NOTE: European name: Silver-Russell Syndrome.

Under CHARTS (below) are links to 4 excel spreadsheets. They will help you track height, weight and head circumference of RSS / SGA children. (Parts of these workbooks are protected against accidental changes. If you are ever asked for a password, use the word, "hormones".)


  1. Clicking the "Patient Data" tab at the bottom
  2. Enter information in all of the grey cells. Information must be in centimeters and kilograms not pounds and inches.  Use this online program to convert your numbers. Excel will plot it for you.

Simply click the tabs at the bottom of the screen (e.g., "GraphBoysWeight")


  1. Go to the desired worksheet. Choose File/Print Preview.
  2. If the graph does not fill most of the page, Close the Preview and "Select" the graph by clicking on its edge.
  3. The charts are not WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get). To see what you'll be printing choose File/Print Preview. Keep in mind that the English scales are not precise because of the WYSIWYG problem and due to variations among printers.
  4. If you need to change the printing margins, be sure to check the alignment of the English scales.

Note: An English scale is available using a second "chart" that is "grouped" with the main chart.

  1. To make changes you must remove the "Protection" by choosing Tools/Protection. When asked for the password, enter "Hormones".
  2. Before starting your edits "Ungroup" the chart from the table. To do this:
    1. Right click on the top border of the chart. Choose Grouping and Ungroup
    2. Click somewhere off to the side of the charts
    3. Click on the top or left border of the chart
  3. Click on the chart feature you want to change. Sometimes a right click is needed. (To change the name already in the program, click on it and press Delete.)
  4. To make the chart(s) printable again, you will need to regroup. To do this:
    1. Click off to the side (anyplace)
    2. Click just to the right of the English scale
    3. Hold the shift key and click on the top border of the chart
    4. Right click in the same place and choose Grouping then Regroup
  5. It's a good idea to restore the Protection by choosing Tools/Protection.

CHARTS (.XLS Spreadsheets)

CHARTS (.PDF Documents)

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