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Russell Silver Syndrome Videos

Educational Videos
The MAGIC Foundation has a number of educational videos taken of persentations made at prior MAGIC Foundation educational convention. These videos are on DVD only. To order one of more of the DVDs, call the MAGIC office at 800-362-4423 or download the form. This series includes:

  • DVD #1 Clinical Features & diagnosis of RSS, by Dr. R. Stanhope (75 min long)
  • DVD #2 Treatment & Protocal for the RSS/SGA Child,  Dr. Harbison  (75 min)
  • #3 The RSS/SGA Child & Insulin Resistance, by Dr. M. Harbison (75 min)
  • #4 Common RSS/SGA Gut Dysmotility Problems, by Dr.'s Spigland, Harbison, & Ursea  (75 min)
  • #5 Being Born SGA: Consequences into Adulthood, Dr.Czernichow (90 min)
  • #6 GH Treatment for RSS/SGA Children: Interpreting Study Results, by Dr. S. Chernausek (90 min)
  • #7 Ask the Doc's: Q & A from Convention 2005, Drs. Chernausek, Czernichow, & Harbison  (60 min)
  • #8 Healthy Eating: From Surviving to Thriving,2006, E.Satter, MS, LCSW (90)
  • #9 Using Aromatase Inhibitors with Pre-Pubertal RSS/SGA Children (2006), Dr. M. Harbison (75 min long)
  • #10 Genetics: Impact on RSS/SGA Children & Adults,I. Netchine, M.D. (90)
  • #11 Beyond Height: The "Other" Effects of GHT on RSS/SGA Children, R. Stanhope, M.D. (90 min long)

Personal Story/ Videos
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Powerpoint Presenatations with Audo
The MAGIC Foundation has several educational presentations via Powerpoint presentations with an audio overlay available on DVD.  These presentations have also been given at prior MAGIC Foundation educational conventions.  You must have Powerpoint on your computer to be able to watch and listen to these presentations (you may be able to download a free temporary version of Powerpoint from Microsoft online).  To order one or more of these DVDs, call the MAGIC office at 800-362-4423 or or download the form.

  • Powerpoint #1 DVD:  Journey of My Life: Practical Tips for Raising a Child with a Growth Disorder (2012); Lindsay Salem (RSS Teenager)
  • Powerpoint #2 DVD:  RSS/SGA: The Basics (2013); Jennifer Salem, M.A.

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