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Growth Charts

growth chart thumb Online/automatic Growth Chart. Simply plug in your child's information and a chart will be generated. If you are not familiar with getting accurate measurements or growth charts, we STRONGLY suggest you read the at home instructions.

General Growth Charts (Most commonly used in physicians offices)


Growth Charts for those children with suspected growth failure.
These charts start at -2 Standard Deviations (smaller kids). 
Boys    Girls

Many of the charts linked below are VERY rare charts. If you find a resource  not listed, please let us know. Email Thank you! These are provided as a informational sources only. Always consult medical professionals.




1. Growth Chart for babies (interactive and plots multiple measurements). Plots monthly for the first 2 years and can be saved!


2. Growth Charts for Breastfed Babies 

3. African American
Boys-ages 2 to 18, height   weight   
Girls ages 2 to 18, height   weight

4. Caucasian
Boys-ages 2-18  height    weight  
Girls ages 2-18, height   weight

5. Cerebral Palsy- Boys and Girls download files

6. Chinese Children 
Height  Girls   Boys 
Weight Girls   Boys

List other Chinese growth data charts

7. Down Syndrome Growth Charts ages 1- 36 months download
Girls and Boys

8. Hispanic/Mexican-American
Boys ages 2-18  weight   height  
Girls ages 2-18   weight height

9. Noonan Syndrome 
Boys Ages 0- 3  or 2-20

Girls Ages 0-3  or 2-20

10. Russell-Silver Syndrome / Small for Gestational Age 
    GROWTH Calculator
  Excel Spreadsheet software required

    Russell-Silver Syndrome Growth Charts

    Small for Gestational Age Growth Charts -2 Standard Deviations Boys   Girls

11. Turner Syndrome for Girls download

12. Vietnamese Children Babies (Weight, 0-36 months) Children, (Weight, 0-60 months)

13. Additional general population growth charts (see tab on the left side of the page that opens) from the CDC.  Also- to go directly to the largest resource of growth charts from the CDC- click here.

14. Interactive growth chart (subscription area for medical professionals), for hospitalized children


If you find clearer versions, (or links to charts other rare charts) please send the URL infomation to  Subject: Growth Chart Files. Thank you!

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