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Transition from Childhood to Adult GHD

We often think of Growth Hormone Deficiency as a childhood issue. This is true. However, it can be a deficiency which follows an affected person into adulthood. The transition from childhood growth hormone deficiency to adult growth hormone therapy (which will last a lifetime) can be confusing. Dr. Underwood prepared the following article to assist our understanding of this transition from childhood growth hormone deficiency to adult growth hormone therapy. Please feel free to call us with any questions you may have, or for additional assistance.

Growth Hormone Therapy- The Transition to Adulthood
Growth hormone (GH; somatotropin), a principal stimulator of body growth, is produced by the pituitary (or master) gland, a small structure located at the base of the brain. Production of too little Growth Hormone (growth hormone deficiency; GHD) in children causes growth to be slow. Because Growth Hormone Deficiency produces striking effects in children and has been a recognized condition for many years, we usually associate the term GHD with children and with the process of statural growth. Growth Hormone, however, is also secreted in adult life, and adults need Growth Hormone to maintain health. Adults who produce too little Growth Hormone also are designated as Growth Hormone Deficient, or we sometimes use the term somatotropin deficiency.

The MAGIC Foundation is made up of parents of affected children and some groups for affected adults. If you would like to talk with other parents-


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