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GHD in Adults Introduction

dad playing soccerGrowth Hormone Deficiency in Adults can be an extremely difficult process to diagnose. Often symptoms build slowly as people age. Patients as well as physicians are challended to try and sort out what is normal aging and what is actually a serious health issue such as growth hormone deficiency.

At MAGIC, we have many adults who have lived through this challenge. Some were growth hormone deficient as children and came to understand their health issues were repeating again in adulthood. Others had tumors or other conditions which led to growth hormone deficiency. Still others had no medical history of problems and faced years of struggle to get help.

We hope our information, Annual Educational Convention and social online-chat area's help those still searching for answers, as well as giving a safe place for those already diagnosed to share.

What is GHD In Adults? 

The MAGIC Foundation is made up of parents of affected children and some groups (like this one) for affected adults. If you would like to talk with others who are also Growth Hormone Deficient-

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